Training: ChatGPT Level 2

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This intensive ChatGPT training covers advanced topics such as configuring custom instructions, leveraging OpenAI plugins, mastering ChatGPT4 and Turbo, and creating images with Dall-E-3. Participants will gain practical skills in using ChatGPT’s advanced features, data analysis, and applying these tools in real business scenarios. Ideal for those looking to automate processes, optimize time, and implement digital transformation.

Participant profiles

  • This ChatGPT course is aimed at anyone who wants to make the most of ChatGPT. Intended for professionals who already have a basic understanding of the tool.


  • Get started with the advanced aspects of ChatGPT (Turbo Version), with a particular focus on using ChatGPT Multimodal, plugins, and GPTs.
  • Master the plugins from OpenAI and the Chrome Web Store for a business task (Monitoring, analysis, writing, summarizing, etc.)
  • Use the right advanced features of ChatGPT and plugins to carry out complex tasks
  • Perform complex tasks through the combination of plugins and prompts
  • Discover ChatGPT4 Turbo, its advanced features, and an alternative
  • Creation of GPTs and addition of a knowledge bank to maximize the capabilities of ChatGPT
  • Study and solve business problems through AI


  • Having completed the ChatGPT Level 1 course or possessing basic knowledge of how ChatGPT operates.

Course content

Morning: Discovery
Module 1: Setup and Use of Custom Instructions

  • Detailed approach to the configuration and use of custom instructions for tailored responses.

Module 2: Mastering OpenAI and Chrome Web Store Plugins

  • Exploration of available plugins that extend the functionalities of ChatGPT for specific tasks (video creation, PDF searches, crafting better prompts).

Module 3: Advanced Use of ChatGPT Plugins

  • Techniques for effectively selecting and combining plugins and prompts for complex tasks.

Module 4: Creating Effective Prompts

  • Study of best practices for formulating prompts that generate optimal results.

Module 5: Advanced Features and ChatGPT4 Turbo

  • Introduction to ChatGPT 4 – Turbo, image creation with Dall-E-3, internet searches with Bing, analysis and creation of documents (docs, pdf, excel, csv…)

Module 6: ChatGPT for Data Analysis:

  • Using ChatGPT for data analysis, key information extraction, and report generation.

Module 7: Project Combining GPT4 Features and Morning’s Learnings

  • Application of GPT4 skills and knowledge to a practical project integrating advanced prompts, plugin use, and image generation.


Afternoon: Practical Application and Problem Solving

Module 8: Applying Learnings to Business Cases

  • Practical application of acquired skills to more complex real-business cases. Exploring methods for automation and process optimization (automation desires, using AI to save time in meetings or emails, facilitating development…).

Module 9: Workshop: Solving Specific Business Problems

  • Interactive workshop where participants are guided and use ChatGPT to solve specific problems of their company.

Module 10: ChatGPT and Digital Transformation

  • Concretely see how ChatGPT can be a key tool in the digital transformation strategies of companies.

Module 11: The GPTs

  • Visit to the GPT store and presentation of the most impressive public GPTs on the market.

Module 12: Creation and Management of Custom GPTs

  • Learn to create and manage custom GPT models for specific applications. Creation, sharing, privacy.

Module 13: Final Project

  • Creation of a GPT with a loaded knowledge base that allows learners to advance more quickly in everyday life.

Module 14: Synthesis and Action Plan

  • Develop an action plan to integrate ChatGPT and its advanced applications into the professional environment of the participants.

Module 15: Feedback and Debriefing

  • Experience sharing and feedback session to assess learning and discuss future applications of ChatGPT (personal and professional).


  • Digital course material included

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Temptraining funding

ITTA is a partner of Temptraining, the continuing education fund for temporary workers. This training fund can subsidize continuing education for anyone who works for an employer subject to the Collective Work Agreement (CCT) Rental of services.

Additional information

Push the boundaries of innovation with our ChatGPT Level 2 Training, specifically designed for professionals eager to maximize their use of ChatGPT and explore its most advanced aspects. This training will propel you beyond the fundamentals, towards mastering the tools and features that will revolutionize the way you work.

Discover the fascinating world of OpenAI plugins and the Chrome Web Store, and learn how to master them to transform your daily tasks. Whether it’s for strategic monitoring, in-depth analyses, or the drafting and synthesis of documents, you will be equipped to tackle all challenges with ease and efficiency.

The ChatGPT Level 2 Training opens the doors to ChatGPT4 Turbo and its advanced features, including multimodal capabilities that integrate image creation with Dall-E-3 and internet searching. You will be introduced to the art of creating custom prompts that unlock optimal results, and discover how artificial intelligence can be your ally in data analysis and the generation of insightful reports.

Our educational program is punctuated by practical projects and interactive workshops, allowing you to apply your newly acquired knowledge to real professional situations. You will explore real business cases, learn to automate and optimize processes, and see how ChatGPT can be a vector for digital transformation.

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  • Training provided by a domain expert
  • Digital documentation and support materials
  • Achievement badge

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