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Discover the infinite potential of generative AI. Learn to navigate Midjourney, set up your creative space, and bring your first images to life. Explore various styles, master the art of effective prompts, and apply your skills in a variety of practical cases. Move towards more sophisticated techniques, refine your personal projects, and collaborate. Turn your vision into reality and integrate Midjourney into your professional practice.

Participant profiles

  • Anyone interested in creating images through artificial intelligence with Midjourney


  • Understand generative AI and Midjourney’s positioning within this ecosystem.
  • Learn to set up and get started with Midjourney.
  • Begin creating images.
  • Master prompt formulation for precise visual results.
  • Study all parameters, commands, and features.
  • Complete a personal project by utilizing all acquired skills.
  • Explore the latest updates from Midjourney.


  • Create a Discord account, subscribe to Midjourney Basic.

Course content

Morning: Fundamentals

Module 1: Introduction to Midjourney and Generative AI

  • Presentation of Midjourney and its role in the Generative AI ecosystem and discussion of AI applications in different sectors. Tour de table to get to know each participant.

Module 2: Configuration and getting started with Midjourney

  • Guide to setting up Discord and getting started. Learners are guided through creating a Midjourney account and configuring the initial settings.

Module 3: Simple Image Creation Workshop with Midjourney

  • Discovery of the basic functions of Midjourney followed by practical exercises for creating simple images.

Module 4: Basic Midjourney settings

  • Exploration of basic settings and their impact on image creation. Practical tests to understand the influence of the settings.

Module 5: Exploring Visual Styles and Themes with Midjourney

  • Discovering the different artistic styles and themes that Midjourney can generate.

Module 6: Enhancing these Images with Effective Prompt Formulation

  • Several techniques for writing clear and precise prompts followed by practical workshops on creating images using slightly more complex prompts.

Module 7: Practical applications of Midjourney (Advanced case)

  • Exploring the uses of Midjourney in marketing, design, education, etc. Case studies and concrete examples to respond to learners’ requests.


Afternoon: Techniques and advanced settings

Module 8: Advanced Midjourney settings

  • Exploring Midjourney’s advanced settings in detail. This module focuses on how these settings can be adjusted to achieve specific, high-quality visual results.

Module 9: Visual Composition Techniques with Midjourney

  • Learn the principles of visual composition and design to create more precise images.

Module 10: Personal Project with Midjourney

  • Working on a personal project or case study, putting into practice the skills and techniques learnt so far, with a particular emphasis on innovation and creativity.

Module 11: Project Critique and Improvement

  • A constructive feedback session where participants’ projects are evaluated and suggestions for improvement are given.

Module 12: Optimising Images for Different Media

  • This module looks at how to adapt and optimise generated images for different formats, such as social networks, websites, or print.

Module 13: Creative Collaboration Workshop

  • Using Midjourney to collaborate on creative projects in groups, sharing prompts, styles and seeds.

Module 14: Integrating Midjourney into Professional Practices

  • Participants will explore how to integrate Midjourney into their professional workflow, discussing strategies and best practices for effective use.

Module 15: Midjourney V5-V6 Comparison and Latest Developments

  • Study the changes brought about by the latest version, then visit the Midjourney site and the alpha.

Module 16: Conclusion

  • Conclusion with an assessment of what has been learned.


  • Digital course material included

Lab / Exercises

  • Create a Midjourney account and configure initial settings.
  • Generate simple images using Midjourney’s basic features.
  • Test the impact of basic settings on image creation with Midjourney.
  • Explore various artistic styles and themes through Midjourney.Improve the quality of generated images by crafting more complex prompts.
  • Manipulate Midjourney’s advanced settings to refine visual results.
  • Apply principles of visual composition to create more precise images with Midjourney.
  • Adapt and optimize generated images for different formats and media.
  • Collaborate on creative projects in groups, sharing ideas and using Midjourney.

Complementary courses

Temptraining funding

ITTA is a partner of Temptraining, the continuing education fund for temporary workers. This training fund can subsidize continuing education for anyone who works for an employer subject to the Collective Work Agreement (CCT) Rental of services.

Additional information

Unlock your creative potential with the power of AI: embark on an artistic adventure with our Midjourney training and turn your vision into reality. This Midjourney course is tailor-made for marketing professionals, graphic designers, project managers, and all technology enthusiasts eager to explore the new frontiers of digital creativity.

At the heart of this immersive one-day course, you’ll uncover the basics of generative artificial intelligence and Midjourney’s pioneering role in this realm. Our curriculum will guide you step by step, from the initial setup on Discord to mastering prompt formulation to generate stunning visuals tailored to your creative needs.

Participants will share their creative aspirations and challenges, and then you’ll be introduced to the nuances of crafting simple images, exploring the diverse visual styles and themes that Midjourney enables. You’ll learn how to refine your images by writing clear and precise prompts, a crucial skill for achieving the exact outcome you desire.

In the afternoon, the training advances to more sophisticated levels, immersing you in Midjourney’s advanced settings and visual composition techniques. You’ll have the opportunity to work on a personal project, applying the skills learned and pushing the boundaries of your creativity.

This training is more than just technical learning; it’s an opportunity to rethink visual creation in your professional practice. Whether you’re looking to optimize your images for different media or integrate Midjourney into your daily workflow, this AI training provides the tools and knowledge necessary to transform your creative vision into reality.

Join us for a day of exploration, learning, and innovation with Midjourney.

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  • Digital documentation and support materials
  • Achievement badge

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