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Transform your way of working and learning. From an introduction to the fundamentals of ChatGPT, through account creation, to exploring advanced prompt engineering techniques, this comprehensive training guides you through each step with practical and interactive modules. Learn to navigate the user interface, master syntax and prompts, and integrate ChatGPT into your professional processes.

Participant profiles

  • This ChatGPT course is aimed at anyone who wants to make the most of ChatGPT.


  • Understand the basic concepts of ChatGPT and how it operates.
  • Use ChatGPT to generate responses to simple questions.
  • Create effective prompts to improve the quality of responses.
  • Evaluate the relevance of ChatGPT’s responses.
  • Integrate ChatGPT into your company’s workflow process.


  • None, simply a willingness to learn and a desire to benefit from the pioneering technology that is ChatGPT.

Course content

Morning: Fundamentals

Module 1: Introduction to ChatGPT and its Fundamentals

  • Presentation of ChatGPT, exploring its capabilities, and understanding how it works based on artificial intelligence.

Module 2: Creating and Managing a User Account

  • Learners will be guided to create their ChatGPT user account if they don’t already have one, we will see how to log in, and manage security and privacy settings.

Module 3: Navigation and User Interface Configuration

  • Discovery of the ChatGPT user interface, navigation, and familiarization with configuration settings and advanced options.

Module 4: Mastery of ChatGPT Syntax and Commands (Prompt Engineering)

  • Learning the syntax and commands to interact effectively with ChatGPT, including formulating questions and prompts.

Module 5: Practical Workshop on Prompt Engineering

  • Allows participants to practice formulating effective prompts and to analyze concrete examples. Learning by doing!

Module 6: Understanding ChatGPT Responses

  • Focuses on understanding how ChatGPT generates responses and on evaluating their relevance and reliability.

Module 7: Case Studies in Various Sectors

  • Using ChatGPT in various professional fields through case studies (writing, marketing, prospecting…).

Module 8: Advanced Techniques and Customization with ChatGPT

  • Exploration of advanced features of ChatGPT, such as programming with AI as an assistant and customization for specific needs.

Afternoon: Advanced Techniques and Settings

Module 9: Mastery of ChatGPT Syntax and Commands (Prompt Engineering):

  • Deepening participants’ skills in prompt engineering, learning more advanced techniques for interacting with ChatGPT.

Module 10: Interactive Q&A Session with ChatGPT:

  • A dynamic session where participants can test their skills live by asking questions to ChatGPT in an attempt to find a secret code.

Module 11: Advanced Techniques and Customization with ChatGPT:

  • Exploration of advanced features of ChatGPT, including customization for specific needs.

Module 12: Integrating ChatGPT with Other Digital Tools:

  • Learning methods to combine ChatGPT with other technologies and digital tools.

Module 13: Development of a Mini-Project:

  • Applying skills through a concrete project where participants will implement what they have learned so far.

Module 14: Practical Application of ChatGPT in a Professional Context:

  • Using acquired skills, with case studies and examples of integrating ChatGPT into one’s workflow. (Code, Emails, Reports…)

Module 15: Feedback and Debriefing:

  • Sharing session and feedback to assess learning and discuss future applications of ChatGPT (personal and professional).


  • Digital course material included

Lab / Exercises

  • Practice formulating effective prompts during the prompt engineering workshop.
  • Test your skills live during the interactive question-and-answer session with ChatGPT.
  • Develop a mini-project to apply the skills acquired in practice.

Complementary courses

Temptraining funding

ITTA is a partner of Temptraining, the continuing education fund for temporary workers. This training fund can subsidize continuing education for anyone who works for an employer subject to the Collective Work Agreement (CCT) Rental of services.

Additional information

Discover the fundamentals of ChatGPT, from the basics of how it operates to crafting effective prompts that enhance the quality of your interactions. Learn how to smoothly navigate the ChatGPT user interface and customize your settings for an optimal experience. You’ll be guided through ChatGPT-specific syntax and commands, enabling you to communicate more effectively and receive relevant responses.

Our hands-on “Prompt Engineering” workshop will allow you to immediately put your new skills into action by creating prompts that yield tangible, measurable results. Furthermore, we will assist you in assessing the relevance and reliability of the responses provided by ChatGPT, a crucial skill in evaluating information quality. With the rise of artificial intelligence, this is a pivotal moment; don’t miss this opportunity.

The ChatGPT training goes beyond the basics to explore diverse ChatGPT use cases across various professional sectors. From marketing writing to prospecting, discover how to integrate ChatGPT into your workflow processes to boost your productivity and creativity, all while maintaining SEO optimization.

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  • Training provided by a domain expert
  • Digital documentation and support materials
  • Achievement badge

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