Training: Using Generative AI to Boost Your Productivity

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Dive into the era of efficiency with our AI training. Learn how to transform your work with generative AI, from writing to multimedia. Start with the fundamentals in the morning, and then apply your knowledge in the afternoon through hands-on workshops on text, image, audio, and video. Master cutting-edge tools such as ChatGPT and Dall-E, and explore innovative use cases.

Participant profiles

  • This generative AI training is aimed at a diverse audience, including professionals looking to integrate generative AI technologies into their activities, such as entrepreneurs, SEO experts, administrators, and marketing professionals.


  • Understand the basic principles and workings of generative AI.
  • Use generative AI to create content (text, image, audio, video).
  • Learn how to formulate effective prompts to achieve high-quality results.
  • Evaluate the suitability and relevance of AI-generated creations.
  • Incorporate generative AI into business workflows.


  • No prerequisites

Course content

Morning: Introduction and text AI

Module 1: Introduction to Generative AI

  • Exploration of the different branches of generative AI: text, image, audio and video.
  • Analysis of novel use cases to boost productivity and presentation of the implications of generative AI.

Module 2: Text Generative AI

  • Presentation of ChatGPT, Mistral, Gemini, Perplexity, Claude, with live demonstrations.
  • Practical workshop: participants create their own texts, experiment with the different models and learn how to prompt effectively.


Afternoon: Image, audio and video IAGs and practical session

Module 3: Image Generative AI

  • Exploration of tools such as Midjourney, Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, Leonardo, with visual examples.
  • Practical workshop: learners design images, discovering the impact of different prompting styles and techniques.

Module 4: Audio Generative AI

  • Presentation of AI tools for audio creation, with sound samples.
  • Practical workshop: creation of audio clips by participants, experimenting with the tools presented.

Module 5: Video Generative AI

  • Introduction to video AI tools, illustrated by concrete examples.
  • Practical workshop: making short videos, comparing tools.

Module 6: Interactive Session and Projects

  • Group discussions on practical applications of AI tools


  • Digital course material included

Lab / Exercises

  • Creation of personal texts by participants, experimenting with various models and learning how to prompt effectively.
  • Design of images by learners, discovering the impact of different prompting styles and techniques.
  • Making short videos and comparing the tools used.

Complementary courses

Temptraining funding

ITTA is a partner of Temptraining, the continuing education fund for temporary workers. This training fund can subsidize continuing education for anyone who works for an employer subject to the Collective Work Agreement (CCT) Rental of services.

Additional information

Discover the transformative power of generative AI and propel your productivity to new heights with our exclusive one-day training. In a world where efficiency and innovation are keys to success, arming oneself with the most advanced tools has become imperative. Our program, designed for a diverse audience from entrepreneurs to marketing professionals, offers a deep dive into the limitless potential of generative AI.

Imagine being able to create content in the blink of an eye, whether it’s impactful texts, captivating images, memorable audio clips, or engaging videos. Our AI training does not just introduce you to these possibilities; it equips you to master them. Through hands-on workshops and live demonstrations, you will learn to effectively engage with tools such as ChatGPT, DALL-E, and many others, turning your ideas into tangible reality.

In the morning, immerse yourself in the world of generative AI with a comprehensive introduction, exploring its various branches and discovering how it can redefine productivity standards in your sector. The afternoon is dedicated to practical experimentation: design images, create sounds, and produce videos, all leveraging the power of AI. At the end of the day, an interactive session awaits you, where you can share your ideas, learn from your peers, and envision concrete applications to boost your professional efficiency.

Equip yourself with the necessary skills to stay at the forefront of innovation and make generative AI a valuable ally in your quest for productivity and creativity. Register now and prepare to transform the way you work, innovate, and create.

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CHF 750.-
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  • Training provided by a domain expert
  • Digital documentation and support materials
  • Achievement badge

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Du lundi au vendredi, de 8:30 à 18:00.


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